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Bluebird Espresso
134 Johnston St 
CollingwoodVIC 3066

Bluebird is one of Collingwood’s finest. “That’s not too hard to achieve” you might think. Valid objection. Let’s just say if Bluebird was located in Brunswick it would still be all the way up there on the list.

Their menu holds an impressive number of options. I have to admit none of them sounded overly appealing to me. None but the chicken burger. It doesn’t matter because the chicken burger is absolutely delicious and I don’t want to eat anything else ever again anyway.

The staff at Bluebird are so hip they put the average hipster to shame. Love it. They are always super nice and the guy that makes that amazing coffee should be given an award. 

The blue walls, the fresh tulips on every table and those paintings on the blue walls (of the sort you find in grandma’s attic) give the place a homey, funky & peculiar feel. All at the same time.

What I really like are the National Geographic issues from back in the 80ies and 90ies stacked in a corner. I could flip through them while drinking flat whites all day.

Bluebird makes Collingwood a better place. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood check it out! And have a chicken burger while you’re there. 

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