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Iku Yakitori
139 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

One of our friends recommended Iku Yakitori. I love Japanese food and am always happy to try places recommended to me, so it didn’t take long for us to pop in. 

We went there Wednesday for dinner without reservation. They were busy but someone was just leaving so we only had to wait for 1 minute. Thank you universe! 

We had Edamame, miso soup, grilled squid, chicken yakitori, prawn gyoza, pork gyoza & Japanese curry.
I like the fact that the Yakitori are barbecued right in front of you. I am and always will be a fan of the open kitchen (semi-open in this case). 
The Japanese curry was my favourite. I have never had Japanese curry before. (I wonder why! I feel like I missed out for a long time and have to eat a lot of it now in order to catch up..) All the pros of an Indian curry but seemingly none of the cons. Maybe I just got lucky with this particular one? It was very subtle in taste with only the tiniest hint of spice.

The decor was very puristic. Very very puristic. Hm. 

Anyway, interior design aside, the front of house girls were absolutely lovely and looked after us really well.

Would recommend this one.

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